Pink Day

Pink © 2013 Olga. All rights reserved.

St. Josephs school here in Ballybunion organized a pink day for breast cancer awareness! Amazing how creative some people get when dressing up.

Mushroom Lights

Lights © 2013 Olga. All rights reserved.

After our bathroom light died, Pia and I decided to use the LED mushroom lights Laura gave us for Christmas as a emergency solution. Turns out showering in mood setting light is pretty awesome… I don’t want a new lightbulb … Continue reading


Snow! © 2013 Olga. All rights reserved.

Guess what, we finally got a tiny little bit of snow on the coast. Everyone is praying right now that it’ll snow enough for us not to go to school tomorrow.

The comeback

Plane © 2013 Olga. All rights reserved.

After my gorgeous Christmas I spent in Switzerland and France with my family and friends it’s time to come back. Hello again, Ireland!


Puppy © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

Sarah got a tiny Collie puppy for her birthday today!! She’s adorable :D.

Pizza night

Pizza night © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

Last weekend German exchange student Pia came over for a pizza night! I think that wasn’t the last time we had one of these… We’ll definitely do that again. Home made pizza is simply the best pizza you can get.


Bonfire © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

Yesterday there was an impressive bonfire on the beach to celebrate Halloween. The temperatures are dropping more and more here in Ireland so it was nice having the fire to stand next to!


Deers © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

Most of the exchange students in the area of Ballybunion and I spent the first holiday weekend at our coordinators’ house in Killarney. We had loads of fun running through the city and the deer stuffed national park! Hopefully we’ll … Continue reading

Nearly Halloween!

Gorilla © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

Today was the Halloween themed ‘Non uniform day’! Everyone of St. Josephs School donated two Euros for charity and in return we all were allowed to dress up however we wanted… This is clearly the only day where gorillas are … Continue reading

Power cut

Fireplace © 2012 Olga. All rights reserved.

The heavy wind yesterday night caused a power cut in the region of Ballybunion. Interesting what silly ideas you get in the complete dark with only the stored energy on your phone and laptop :).